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Thank You

Thank You, thank You for brightening up my day.
Thank You, thank You for leading me the way.

I was a bit of a loser, it was hard to end a day.
And when I had it started right, it broke off any way.
How hard I even tried, it wouldn’t work out right.
And how I tried to find it; I didn’t see the Light.

I went to see a doctor; He didn’t know what to do.
But then I met this preacher, he said: “Someone’s loving you”.
At first I didn’t get it, but then down deep inside
I knew that he meant Jesus – He’s the one all right.

Now I really know that He’s the one I’m living for.
He makes me glad each morning, I love Him more and more.
And if there’s ever something that makes me down or sad,
I call upon my Jesus and He makes me glad.